Glam Shopper

I have been wearing the same clothes in SL for the past 2 days while I have been busy doing destination shots and building a scene for an upcoming Best of SL Magazine article, so it was nice to change and glam up a bit.

These are some more items from the Depraved Nation District 5 event which starts on the 13th (I will add LMs when the event opens).

My shoes are from ]S]N]O]B] and are the Endless High Heels.  They come with an amazing hud so you can make these shoes suit any outfit you are wearing, but remember they need slink high feet to work

 The dress is from Cynful and is called The Society Dress.  I am wearing it in the Nude colour.  Tres chic!

My skin is from WoW Skins and is a stunner.  It is the Becky skin and I am wearing the Bronze tone.  I am not wearing the Becky shape this time, but will show you that in another post.

Lastly, from District 5, is my gorgeous hair from Damselfly.  This is Mabel and I am wearing a colour from the light blonde pack.


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