New Destinations August Week 1

Here are the latest additions to the Destinations Pages on the right-hand side of this blog.  You will see them all listed under the PAGES heading.

The links below are to the appropriate pages so just scroll down until you find the photo and the URL will be there.  The new ones are at the top of the page so you won't have to look too hard.

Hesperia Templemore - I didn't quite know what category to put this under but since it is set in a town I decided to go with that.  This sim is made to showcase music, but there is so much more to it than that.  Explore and enjoy.

Vespertine - Vespertine has its mainstore here and the sim is set out for wandering and enjoying.  There are all sorts of little surprises along the way so make sure you explore all the nooks and crannies.

Fashiowl Street - This cute little town setting is somewhere I would love to live.  It reminds me a little of Stars Hollow from The Gilmore Girls.  Lovely.

Seedyville - When you teleport in you think, "Oh, what a nice little town!", but this town definitely has a slightly 'seedy' side to it as you will find out.  Every town has its secrets.

Deer Island- This sim is the home of some fab stores and is also a great place to wander and find little spots like the one in the photo.  Also has beaches, a forest and little woodland animals everywhere.

Tierra de Fuego - This airport in the middle of a desert gives you loads of options for photos.  Plenty of hangars, sheds, machinery and even an aeroplane that is waiting for some aircraft engineers.

[WOS] Missing Mile Dark Rural Community - I have loved this sim for a while and if you are a regular reader of my blog (and I love both of you!) you will have seen some photos I have taken on the rail tracks here.  I also love the trailer park, polluted swamp and run-down hotel with possible dead body.


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