New Destinations - August Week 2


Here are some of the new destinations for this week, and sadly one that is no longer with us.  I have taken it off the page, but down the bottom of this page is the photo in memory of an amazing sim that I took so many photos on.

Here are the new ones that I have added to the pages:

Pine Woods, Eagleview - The Eagleview sim has a group of islands that each have a different vibe to them.  They are privately owned but the owners are happy for people to visit.  Just make sure you don't encroach on the islands if the owners are home.  Respect privacy!

The Co-op - Bondi Beach - This event starts on August 7th and goes til the 21st.  Make sure you go grab some great beachy shots while it is there.

Ciudad "Malalife" - This funky sim is full of cool spots for those grungy shots we all love.  With the city backdrop you are sure to find a place for a pic or two.

The Legion Project - Now, the Nowhere Plains are on the edge of The Legion Project, so I have included in in this area.  This fab shopping area is a must see and as this is Stage 1, I can't wait to see the next stage!

Inspiration Point - This is home of some wonderful stores and also home to llamas, deer, vineyards and gardens.  Plenty of cool spots to get those awesome shots.

Urban Spirit - This is the frontage to the Urban Spirit Mainstore.  I love it because these guys do NOT move.  Nothing worse than trying to take a zombie photo with the undead trying to eat your brains.

Insilico - This post-apocalyptic city has been windblown and is slowly returning to the desert, but also holds some great surprises.  Make sure you check out the sole oasis of green in this Mars-like city.

Tempelhof - This sim is full of places for some very cool shots.  I found it hard to decide where to take a photo that exemplified the whole place.  I also loved the port on the other side of the sim with subs and boats.

Natural - This stunning island is full of photographers delights.  Make sure you check out the sites just off the island too.  Gorgeous.

SRS Corp Main Store, Capella - This grungy futuristic looking sim is a metal-lovers dream.  Great place for fashion items that need a Fifth Element or Firefly feeling spin.

And now a big GOODBYE to...

Caverns of Aleval - I will miss you.

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