Piles of Furniture


Sometimes I have no furniture items to blog and then other times I have loads.  Today was one of the 'loads' days.  I just have SO much to show you.

So take a deep breath, settle back...actually you may need to go and get a drink and some snacks...and enjoy what SL has on offer for your home and garden.

Trompe Loeil - Fiona Treebed - Green Draped (faMESHed)

shutter.field - Garden Shed and Chair, Mini Gardens - Camellia and Cat, Shrubs (New Releases)

The Challenge - Retro

Sway's - [Walter] Park Benches - Colors

[Fetch] - Tiffany Set 

%Percent - Fremantle TV 
22769 [bauwerk] - Vintage Leather Lounger
[ht:home] - Retro Arcade Machine - Brown

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