Destinations - Sept 1

I have some new destinations and two sim changes for your enjoyment or photographic pleasure.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

We also have to say goodbye to two cool sims that I discovered were gone when I teleported over there today to do some photos.  Sad face.

Remember, I am keen for people to be contacting me about places they have found or if you find the sim/area is gone, so you can either flick me a notecard or IM in SL or leave a comment on this page or one of the other destination pages listed on the side of this blog.

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Intro - This sim has changed a lot since I was last here.  No trains this time, just awesome little spaces like this one along with stores on clouds joined by bridges.  Go check it out.

Deadpool - Gone is the creepy carnival and instead we have this gruesome post-event city with abandoned buildings and vehicles, and this pathway with death surrounding you.


Small Town Green - This is a fab area with loads of distinct areas for taking photos:  beach, dock, village, island and much more.

Lea25 - Sea of Cubic Dreams - This sim is amazing and I just put the environment setting on the one the sim provided and snapped this shot.  Easy!

Nagare - This Japanese-inspired sim is full of stunning places to take photos.  I was spoiled for choice.  Make sure you wander about and enjoy all the nooks and crannies.

The Dark Fortress - The name kind of says it all really.  It is dark and a fortress and has a medieval vibe going on.  I hope you noticed the shark in my photo because I waited for ages for it to show!

The Dwarven Mines at Marathon Caye - This part of the sim is just one of a myriad of places to take shots and explore.  Right by the landing spot is a teleporter so make sure you take the time to explore!



Piwnica pod Aniolami w Skirolawkach


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