Home and Garden Expo - Post 1


I am soooo excited!  The Home and Garden Expo will be opening soon and you will get to see all the fabulous new goodies from some of SL's most creative and wonderful designers.

To start us all off I am showing you some loveliness from Funky Junk.  I was trying to only take 2 photos per designer, but I just couldn't limit these items!  They are super cute.

Tree and Bricks - Round Tree Planter 1
Washing Line and Tub - Laundry Day

Potting Shed - Vintage White Potting Shed (Rezzes with all the goodies you see here and round the outside)

I actually feel like I just want to live in this!  Is so cute.  Maybe not enough room for me and the cats!

Grass and Flowers - Wild Flowers Patch

Love the butterflies that flit about at the back of the shed.  All part of the rez.

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