Home & Garden Expo - Post 4

I was going to do a fashion post in the middle of these Expo posts but I had so much fun setting up this shoot that I just had to post it straight away.

In fact I had so many photos that I am splitting this post into two parts so you don't miss anything in the photos.

Weekend Salvage - Sea Island Writer's Bungalow

Shutter Field - Hammock V2 - Garden Grey (NOT at Expo)
DaD Design - Mixed Flowers in Pot - Pink, Red and Yellow
Striped Mocha - Moroccan Lamps

Persnickity - Tree Tunnel

Persnickity - Shabby Garden Shed

Shutter Field - Garden Day Bed - White, Pumpkin Lanterns (Lazy Sunday - NOT in Expo)
Decor Junction - Mesh Patio Chairs - V1b and V1d, Mesh Trunk Prop (NOT in Expo)

Good Furniture - Bistro Table and Chairs
{what next} - Pumpkin Pie Decor (50L Friday), Fallen Leaves Mugs (NOT in Expo)
Shutter Field - Pumpkin Lantern - Multi (NOT in Expo)


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