Home & Garden Expo - Post 5


This is part 2 of yesterday's post.  It is all the items that are inside the house.  I had so much fun with this and I am so impressed with the quality of the furniture and household items!

I have thrown in some non-Expo items too because:

a) They needed to be blogged
b) They went with the style of house
c)  I just wanted to so there!

Weekend Salvage - Mission Boho Sofa and Ottoman, Writer's Desk and Chair - Stars, Sea Island Writer's Bungalow and Fireplace Items
Cleo Designs - Her Chairs, Noteboard
Fairy Unique Mesh - 9 Drawer Dresser Colored
22769 [bauwerk] - Granny's Lamp (NOT in Expo)
JoHaDeZ - Wallart "Dead Tree"
Fabric Lab - Melrose Boho Fabric Collection (on mat on floor)

=Mirage= - Colour Change Retro Set (NOT in Expo)
*Shabby Tabby* - Colorful Aloe, Mint Chocolate Macaroons (NOT in Expo), Autumn Mantle Decor (Is at Expo)
Dreamscapes Art Gallery - Bookworm Chair and Shelf
Kuro - The Boys & Girl - Oopsie (NOT in Expo)

LISP Bazaar - Miami Bed - Dark Orange (Collabor88), Maurice Side Table - Beige (NOT in Expo)
Kuro - The Boys & Girls - Look! and Oh No!, Hitchhiker Set, Statement Lamps (NOT in Expo)
R(S)W - Farm Chair - Eyeback
!! Follow Us !! - French Weekend Tray
Shutter Field - Packed Suitcases Light (NOT in Expo)

!! Follow Us !! - Glam Coatrack
Weekend Salvage - Rustic Stenciled Whitewashed Cabinet
Dekute Dekore - Modern Book Chair - Pastels, Stacked Books Table - Bleached, Deluxe Coffee Maker
22769 {bauwerk] - Storage Boxes (NOT in Expo)
Fabric Lab - Quest Stitched Satin Texture Collection (on rug)

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