Beige Babe

Today was about sales.  A very bad friend of mine made me go to sales and buy things.  She is terrible.

Secretly I was glad, but don't tell her that.

I also have some previews of the upcoming Body Modification Expo.  It hasn't started yet so I am not giving you any LMs.  =)

Pants:  Tulip - Cotton Stretch Pants - Sand (50% off sale)
Bag:  Tulip - Deer Skin Tote - Beige (50% off sale)

Skin:  7 Deadly Skins - Girls Special V3 (Body Modification Expo - starting soon)
Necklace:  Frogstar - Queen Bling Necklace (BME)
Bracelet:  {PixelGeek} - Animal Bracelet (BME)
Hair:  Herve Faenzo - ONE - Light Blondes (100L for colour pack on sale)

Top:  Tulip:  Buttoned Tank - Cloud (50% off sale)
Shoes: - Persephone Pumps for Med Slink Feet (got these in 50L Friday a few weeks back)


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