Emerald Isle

I love green.  I especially love emerald and that is why today's post has that Emerald Isle feel.  I only wish I could get away with wearing this in RL.  I feel like I am posing for a romantic novel or at least one with long lingering looks and lots of heartbreak, heaving bosoms and angst.

Jewellery:  ZURI Rayna Jewelry - Belle Pearl V2 - Purple Parrot Emerald/Lavender (New Release)
Hair:  Truth - Bijou (New Release)
Lipstick:  Senzafine - "Underdark" Lipstick Evil Pack - Venom Green (The Seelie Court)
Eyes:  BabyDoll - Crystal Eyes - Green (The Body Modification Expo)
Nails:  Senzafine - "Spellbound" Magick (from my inventory)

Gown:  Senzafine - "Caterina" Gown - A Forest (The Fantasy Collective)
Poses:  [KoKoLoReS] - Darling Poses (Recent Release)


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