Destinations Again


As promised here are some more destinations for you.  I am TRYING not to do all winter ones, but you know me and snow.  I just can't help myself.

Some of these sims have been done over for the winter, so I am putting them into the Winter Wonderland category even though they may show up in other categories in their summer, spring or autumn forms.

Binemist - Little winter area that has two gorgeous snow-clad homes, a tree-lined road and some other winter-themed areas.  Make sure you take a trip down the TP point...funny.

Frisland - This farmland area is covered with winter snow and is looking stunning.  Loads of animals for photos and lovely buildings that look picturesque.

Voyeur Dreams and Fateful Gardens - This post-apocalyptic city has long been forgotten and with toxic waste and other nasties still spilling into the bay perhaps it should stay that way.  LOADS of places for fantastic shots.  Don't just stick to the centre.

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