Some New Destinations

I have been a bit slack on the Destination front of late.  Sorry about that.  You will be pleased to know that I have been wandering about and have some great places to show you over the next few weeks.  Today I have 3 for your viewing pleasure.  Two are scary and probably would have been good BEFORE Halloween, but in SL scary is an year-round thing.

Zon - This is a funky sim with all sorts of cool places to take your photos.  You can go from beach to pier to treehouse to Japanese village all on one sim.

DarkDharma - This house scares the beegeesus out of me.  I kept getting got by zombies.  I needed my gun!

Masoma County - This sim is freakishly good with loads of spots for those eerie photos.  I love the coach and horses near the TP point.


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