A House

Today we are doing a 3 part post.  There will be this one called 'A House', one from Ty called 'A Boy' and one from me called ' A Girl'.  Keeps it simple.  That means if you want the women's fashion one you can find it easily and same if you are looking for boy stuff or home and garden.

This house from BellaRose Furniture and Homes is a stunner and looks fab all decked out for winter.  It is called the Christmas Winter Bungalow and I love the spacious rooms and stylish texturing.

The furniture is all from BellaRose too and you can buy it to go with the house or use your own furniture.  Either way you get a fab home!

The snow on the top can be removed so when spring comes simply take it off and you still have a home that suits the season.

NB:  Outdoor furniture and items NOT from Bella Rose.


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