Cray Cray!


This is a warning post.  There is so much to blog this week that Ty and I will each be doing a post a day to keep up.  So there will be a post from me which will be girl stuff and home and garden items and a post from Ty for the boys making a grand total of TWO posts a day.

So, don't just read one and think that is it...oh no!  There will be more!  Enjoy.

However, as an exception to the rule we did this post together so today there will be only one post and it is a bumper one.

So, without further ado...take a deep breath and carry on reading and looking.

Cabin:  Shutter Field - Cosy Cabin - Wood (Recent Release)
Lights:  Botanical - Decorative Light Set (New Release)
Tree, Wreath, Sled, Chalk Board:  !! Follow Us !! - Christmas Chalkboard Lights, Ginger Holly, Sugar Snow Christmas Tree, Gifts Sledge (RFL Christmas Expo)
Hanging Lanterns:   Spyralle - Black Enamel Lanterns (RFL Christmas Expo)
Snowman:  Alchemist - Snowman (RFL CE)
Lanterns and Candles:  Trompe Loeil - Lantern Trio, Tray with Candles (The Arcade Gacha)

Bed:  LISP Bazaar - Snow Day Red Bed (Collabor88)
Ornaments:  Kuro and [Con] - Christmas Bits - Iron Decor 1 & 2, Tiny Santa, Cookie Jar (Liaison Collaborative)
Pyjamas:  Ever An' Angel - His Sweet Dreams (RFL CE)
Hair:  Exile - Kissing Strangers (Collabor88)
Daybed and Ottoman:  Shutter Field - Day Sofa Set - Winter (New Release)
Pyjamas:  American Bazaar - Men's Pyjamas (Group Gift)
Hat/Hair:  ARGRACE - Santa Hat (Gift)
Slippers:  [PHUNK] - Rudolph Slippers (New Release - Arya is wearing them too)
Fireplace, Globe, Boots, Basket, Tray:  !! Follow Us !! - Christmas Lights Fireplace, Snowglobe Tree and Holly, Log Basket, New Boots Santa Claus - Red Star, Santa Tray V4 (RFL CE)
Key:  Kuro and [Con] - Christmas Bits - Santa Key (Liaison Collaborative)
Chair:  junk. and Kuro - Tramell Chair Tartan (Atelier Kreslo)

 Box:  Kuro and [Con] - Christmas Bits - Cookie Box (Liaison Collaborative)
Tree,  Stars and Snowflake:  Trompe Loeil - Bucket + Lit Branches, Wall Stars, Snowflake Ornate (The Arcade Gacha)
Truck and Shelf:  Alchemist - Blocks Train 00, Christmas Display Shelf Natural (RFL CE)
Tree:  Trompe Loeil - Bucket + Lit Pine (The Arcade Gacha)

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