I have had these Snowboard poses from Image Essentials sitting in my inventory waiting for the perfect moment to use them.  Today was that day.  They made me look all Shaun White minus the red hair.

They also give me a chance to show off some guy stuff.  The Burning Pants are from \m/LAVAROCK Creations and the male group gift.  

The Mesh Zipper Cardigan (tee under cardigan not included) from [ZD] is a freebie gift under the Christmas tree at the Men Only District.  There are a whole lot of items there and more keep appearing.  Just remember we have the Men Only Hunt coming up and also the Men Only Month.  More on them later. 

The hair/hat I have shown you before but is worth another look.  Is called Dillan from Damselfly and is still available at FROST.


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