I am so busy at the moment that I just want to lie down in the snow and go to sleep.  I feel like the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland racing about looking at the time and my list of things to blog!

Think I might need a wee eggnog...

PS.  Check out Ty's post below this one!

Gown:  Ruxy - Jolly Corset and Skirt - Green (The Promenade)
Poses (Photo 1 & 2):  .mien - Signs of Winter (The Liaison Collaborative)
Skin:  L'Anguisette - Autumn Skin - Bare - Cream (Feeb's Winter Market)

Hair:  Damselfly - Angela (Recent Release)
Crown:  [CM] - Snow Queen Crown (Cosmopolitan Sale Room Advent Gift)

Jewellery:  ZURI Rayna - Winter Symphony - Emerald/Smoked Steel (New Release)
Face Tattoo:  ARISE - Snowman Face Tattoo (FROST)


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