I was deciding what to do with today's post and I felt a camo theme coming on and then I thought to myself, "What will go with camo?" and the answer was obvious.  Chihuahuas, of course.

I have decided I am looking younger these days I cannot give the glory to any supplements or potions.  It probably has to do with the shape from Anchor & Co called Obselete that will be in the upcoming FROST Fair.  Starts in the next few days.

My cropped sweatpants are from the current MENStuff Hunt and are from {Fe Style}(#44).  Each hunt prize is 1L but the prizes are worth WAY more than that.

Boots:  Mr.Bloch - Martim Boot (49L for Fatpack)
SUV:  JOH Technologies - Mesh Driveable Military SUV (Naughty or Nice Gift @ RFL Christmas Expo)

This great hairstyle is from Damselfly and is called Bennett.  You will track it down at the Men's Dept.

Jacket is from V-Spot and is the "Puff Off!" Jacket that will also be grabable at the FROST Fair.  Comes in a range of colours in case blue is not your thing.

And the pooch is from Oopsie and is a gacha grab.  This is Chihuahua Blue and you can go snatch one up at the The Promenade Christmas Event which starts on the 12th of Dec.

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