I had to get in and show you these before Arya did.  Ha!  I win!  They are from Image Essentials and are at the FROST Fair.  They are aptly named Tubing.

I am wearing a 'tattoo' called Snow Dusted from [Even~Tide] at the RFL Christmas Expo.  It comes with SLink Appliers so you can make yourself have that covered in snow look.  

These Grey Denim Pants are from REDPANDA and are in the MENStuff Hunt (#74).  You can colour change the underwear to suit what you are wearing. 

This Snowflake Disc Necklace is also at the Christmas Expo and is from Hearthaven Photography and Creations.  For guys or girls, but I saw it first so another win for me!

The hat/hair is from Damselfly and is called Brock.  It is a unisex look and you can grab it at the KittyCatS Advent Calendar.

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  1. Glad you like the snowflake disc necklace! The RFL Expo is now closed, but you can still get it at my main store here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beau%20Belle/53/138/27