Down by the Station

Have you got the song in your head yet?  I know I have.  I will say that it was not 'early in the morning' when I was at the station.  It was mid afternoon.  Much nicer time.

Whatever the time is this suit rocks.  The whole kit-n-caboodle Tweed Suit comes with the jacket, shirt (and cuffs) tie, pants and wingtip shoes.  The suit has 4 colour options and the shoes come with 8 so you should be able to get a fav out of that.  You can also colour change the tie and shirt cuffs to get the whole matched ensemble.

And who do we have to thank for this?  [Phunk] of course.  Make sure you add this to your wardrobe as a 'must have'.

Hair:  Damselfly - Cameron (No21)


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