Happy New Year, All.  Thought I had better get a post done before you forgot about me.  Been trying to get this done for a few days so hopefully I have beaten Arya today.

I have a few more items from the FROST Fair to show ya.  I am liking this fair for the main reason that it has items for the boys.  I know Depraved Nation has another hunt coming up and they are hoping to get some great designers involved who are keen to throw some men's garb our way.  Get to it, Designers!

In the meantime...

Wings:  Tabou Irresistible - Frosty Demon Wings (FROST)

Hair:  Damselfly - Ryder (We Love Role-Play)
Tattoo:  *Bolson - Strigoi (FROST)
Eyes:  Chus!  - Iridescent Eyes in Ghost (FROST)

Pants:  Black Cotton - Classy Leather Pants (MENSstuff Hunt)
Boots:  Anachron - Men's Rocker Boots (FROST)


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