Men Only Hunt


If you have read my blog posts before (yes, I am talking to both of you) then you will know that every now and then I have whine about the skewed percentage of male and female events.  The boys are definitely the losers on this scale.  

That is why events like the Men Only Hunt need to be supported by us blokes who reside in SL.  I hope when you see what I am showing you today you will get up off the couch, throw on some pants and get hunting.  Hang, take a friend with you or drag your girlfriend along.  More the merrier.

Hat:  [Cuzzy] - Hunt Snapback
Glasses:  [Z O O M] - Evumark Sunglasses
Necklace:  AITUI - Hammered Steel Necklace

Hoodie:  [BODY FACTORY] - BF Hoodie
Pants:  [:: JesyDream ::] - Casual Capri - Grey

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