Time for Sun

I felt like I needed some SL sun and sand.  My feet were getting cold from all that snow.  Time for a tee and some jandals (or flip-flops or thongs or whatever you call them where you live).

Where Arya and I live in Aryaland (not sure why we call it this but it works) it is summer and it is hot at the mo.  It is definitely beach weather unless you are Arya who is not a "sand person".  She is more of a lake or river chick.  Strange.

For those of you stuck inside due to inclement weather then this is the perfect time for a spot of hunting and so it is the perfect time for the Men Only Hunt which starts on January 10th.  Hints and SLurls will be up when the hunt starts.  This is just s sneak peek.

Pants:  Legal Insanity - Sweatpants 69
Tee:  American Bazaar - Delineate Tee

Bag:  [BUC] - Tagless Outcast Backpack

Hair/Hat:  MINA - Alex 02
Glasses:  Adjunct - Jack Readers


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