Wish it Would Rain


It is so hot where I live.  I know some of you are in the cold and I shouldn't complain, but I am just not a summer person.  I dislike the heat.  It makes me grumpy.  I sometimes think perhaps I am part troll and if you read Terry Pratchett you will understand that reference.  For those of you who don't:

  1. Why NOT?
  2. Trolls brains work better in cold than in heat.
I am over the hot and sleepless nights...groan!

That is why I felt the need for some SL rain.  It somehow made me feel cooler.  Yes, I know...I can't explain it either.

Poses:  LISP Bazaar - Rainy Days
Sim:   L'Arc-en-Ciel

Outfit:  Prism - Gemma (New Release)

Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] - Pixie (Recent Release)

Shoes:  Ducknipple - Chen Heels (Recent Release)

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