Has anyone seen my Range Rover?  I know I parked it somewhere.  

While I look for it I will tell you about the fine clothing I am wearing today.  Most of them are from the Men Only Monthly unless other wise stated.

My pants were tailored by !APHORISM! and are the Wool Pants in brown. Comfy and warm!

These boots are from Gabriel.  They are the Lace Up Boots and I am wearing the brown version.  I will show you them fully in another post.

This stylish Boondock Pea Coat in Green is from V-Spot.  It comes with the sweater underneath to keep you warm from the elements!

I have shown the hat before but it fits perfectly with this ensemble so it gets another showing.  It is from 7mad;Ravens and is the Dirty Bronx Cap in Green.  You will find this item at The Thrift Shop 8.0.

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