No One About


Found this great sim to play about on.  Arya did some photos here the other day so I thought I would check it out too.  Great place with that run-down feel.  It kind of reminds me of that place they go to in Terminator 2 out in the desert.  Wonder if there is a weapons stash here?

Sim:  The Lost Town @ Kashmir Dreams (Love the rules which say:  "30 mins. autoreturn, don't be an ass, no eating all the cookies and no licking the aliens.")

Hat:  7mad;Ravens - Dirty Bronx Cap (Jack or Jill Hunt)
Pose Skateboard:  Image Essentials - Skateboard 3 (from my inventory)

Hoodie and Shirt:  *Catastrophe Designs* Men's Black Hoodie w/Shirt (JoJ Hunt)

And no my hand is not missing, it is just blended in with the background.  Made me laugh when I saw it.

Shoes:  ::Duh!:: - Running Shoes - Black and Grey (JoJ Hunt)

Shorts:  Kenvie. - Baggy Shorts (JoJ Hunt)

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