'Bout Time

I thought it was about time I updated the destinations pages.  I had a busy day wandering around all the ones I had already posted to see which ones still exist.

I was soooo sad to see some gone.  Some of my absolute favs. I don't get why these amazing sims fall by the way when they are so creative and well done. When you visit a sim throw some Lindens in the top jars so we can help to keep our favs going.

Anyway, here are some new and updated places for you to enjoy

Everwinter - This theme park has seen better days.  It was also hard to get a decent hotdog.  Loads of places for great photos if you need things to look a bit unkempt.

Dawn of Radiance - Spring - This sim has loads of variety so you could use it for a heap of different shots.  Has farmlands, beaches, fairy areas and some great ruins complete with circling crows.

Blithe - This sim also manages to put a whole heap of fab spots in so that you get farmland, beach and great little viewing areas.


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