I am loving this sim (Pigeon Island).  I am finding loads of places in the sim to get some photos and so that makes it simple for me.  I like simple.  

It is simple when there is an event on too.  That means I just throw on the great clothes and accessories and just stand about looking awesome....and modest.

All these items are from Men Only Monthly unless I tell you otherwise.

Poses:  Image Essentials - Skateboard 3 (from my inventory)

Jacket and Scarf:  Kezenn - Men's Mesh Urbanstreet Jacket w/ Hoodie 003 
Pants:  V-Spot - Rockstar Pants - Black 

Hair:  Masaru Hair - Lights - Modulus 
Shoes:  [NoName] - Eddy Shoes (Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair)


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