The last few days I have been in a bit of a funk.  I wondered if it was post-event blues considering I was doing 4 events at same time and now I am in a lull.  It could also have been getting knocked back from some events I had applied for.  Well, technically not knock-backs if you never hear back, but you get what I mean.

Whatever the reason, I began to wonder if it was worth carrying on with the blog.  I have been doing this for 5 and a half years now and lately I am finding it harder and harder to find stores and events that want me to blog for them.  This definitely makes me re-evaluate what I am doing and how I do it because, after all, I do want to do my best for the readers who have hung in there with me on this blogging bus trip and for the designers who continue to allow me to blog their items year after year.

However, today I realised that I really do enjoy doing this.  I enjoy finding fab sims to shoot on, choosing outfits, playing with windlight settings, editing the photos and doing the blog post.  I also love putting the photos on Flickr and having people like them.  I do.  I like it.

I also love the wonderful designers I blog for.  I love that they are fun people who create amazing things for you and I to enjoy.  I love that I can chat to them and that we both get excited about new things they are creating.  I love that I have been blogging for some of them for over 4 years or so now and they still keep me on.   I wanted to list them here, but I am too scared I will accidentally miss someone and offend them!  They know who they are and I love them all dearly.  Thank you.

And, I love the event co-ordinators who DO let me blog for them.  I have had a blast the last few weeks blogging and writing for Depraved Nation, Best of SL, WeDoSL, Wayward Events and the Fantasy Faire.  I am giving them a shout out on purpose so that they know I appreciate all their hard work and effort.

Please don't think I am having a "go" at the events who don't take me on.  I am not.  I bet they get inundated with requests to blog their events and I am just one name among many.  This is possibly my own fault for not promoting my blog more or getting my name out there in blogging circles.  I have, perhaps naively, just done my thing and hoped that I would get by on years of service to SL blogging alone.  Apparently not.

A lovely magazine editor once told me that my writing has its own sense of 'voice' and I like that.  I try to keep my own style and flavour to the blog while still adapting and growing as a blogger.  I think one of the hardest things as a blogger in SL is to keep your blog fresh and fun without copying the style of other more popular bloggers.

So, what I am trying (badly) to say is that, for the time being, I am here to stay.  I will keep blogging and showing you fashion and accessories and home & garden items until I run out of things to say or things to blog.

Lastly, if you are reading this and you run a monthly event and would like a fun, drama-free blogger with loads of moxie to join your team, please feel free to drop me a notecard!

I might even look at mesh body buying if I really have to...sigh.


  1. Hey Arya.

    I love the honesty to this post and I know for a fact that you're not the only one who thinks like this. I find myself thinking in exactly the same way all of the time. I wonder how I can grow when new events or designers are less willing to give me a chance. I find a tear coming to my eye when in the past I've been dropped by designers because I'm not a conventional fashion blog and don't blog like the "norm", but I am happy to see you fighting for it! If you enjoy it, and it's still something that starts a fire under you then you as always will make it work...
    I've always loved looking at your photos and reading your posts. They are not the normal fashion posts, there is a heart and soul to the pieces you write and the looks you come up with... The designers and event planners that have you are lucky...
    Never give up, your blog is an inspiration, I've always followed your SL through your posts, and I hope to continue to do so...

    Keep smiling, Keep doing what you do!!

    1. Rudh,

      You just made my day. I hardly ever check the comments because normally there aren't any, but for some reason I did today and you made me smile! BIG hug and thank you for your kind words. Love your blog too. Love how your personality comes through in your posts. We will carry on being us and with smiles on our faces!


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