Hello, Summer


Today is officially the first day of summer in SL.  In Aryaland it is the first day of winter and it is a grey, chilly ole day.  I don't mind though because I am one of the rare people who likes winter.

Still, in SL I decided it was a great day to rez this fab dock from Shutter Field.  It comes with great animations so you can dive or sit on the dock or fish if you want.

The chairs are also from Shutter Field and also have great sits so you can chill out in the sun. You can grab the dock (and there are different styles) and chairs for Lazy Sunday.

NOTE:  While you are there grabbing these, check out the funny photo Heavenly put up of me next to the Avi Choice vote kiosk. Oh, and vote for me!

My bikini is from Prism Designs and is the Malana Bikini in blue and green.  It comes with an open crochet cover dress that you can wear over the bikini if you want.

These great Sun Chairs are also for Lazy Sunday and are from Kuro.  I am showing you the blue and lemon colours but they also come in black, purple and red.

Lastly, my hair is from Damselfly.  It is called Ibby and is a recent release.

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