Beachy Babe

I know Tyson has mentioned the upcoming season in the Northern Hemisphere.  Harsh really.  I am not focusing on that today.  I am still celebrating the sunshine and warmth.

I am also celebrating the return of one of my most favourite SL stores in the world:  Jane.  Yes, Jane has returned and Janie has sent out a gift for the stalwarts who stayed in the subscriber group.  It is also cool to see that she is doing clothing for us normals and for Freya, Isis, Lara and Slink Mesh Bodies.

Shorts: 20.FIVE Mesh: - Mini Shorts (Recent Release)
Shoes:  VG - LOLA CHEVRON [Slink High] WHITE (The Thrift Shop 10.0)
Poses:  Verocity - Kristi (TTS 10.0)

Top:  Jane - Lotsa Love (Gift)
Hair:  [RunAway Hair] - Marzia Hair (We Love Role-Play)
Necklace:  :Diamante: Silent Dreams Necklace Uni-sex (TTS 10.0)
Bracelet:  J&A Accessories - Zipper Bracelet Four (TTS 10.0)


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