Casual Guy


I like dressing up in SL, probably more than in RL.  It is probably because I get to try a real variety of styles of clothing.  I hope you guys are taking the opportunity to do the same because there are some great events for the lads these days.  I am appreciating the designers who take the time to create some boy stuff as well as items for the ladies.  Thank you.

Jeans:  NoName - Tyson Jeans (Recent Release)
Shoes:  VG - Men's HI6 Black/Black (The Thrift Shop 10.0)

Hoodie and Tee:  {Kita's Sideshow} Tartan Hoodie - Green (TTS 10.0)
Glasses:  VG - Imma Nerd Glasses - The Plains (TTS 10.0)
Hat:  VG - Boys Flat Cap Denim Black (TTS 10.0)

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