I hate to break it to you peoples in the Northern Hemisphere but it is August now.  That means you only have one month until Autumn hits.  Actually since it is the 11th of August, you only have 20 days.  Just saying.

I am getting ready for it with today's garb.

Jeans:  UNiQ PhaZe - Jack Baggy Jeans (The Thrift Shop 10.0)
Shoes:  *Citrus* - Citrus Guy Skater - Black (TTS 10.0)

Sweater and Scarf:  GizzA - Harvey Cardigan with Scarf (L'Homme Gift)
Glasses:  PICHI - Super Cat Shades - Black (TTS 10.0)
Hair:  MINA Hair - Andre (L'Homme Gift)

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