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I am so excited about all the home and garden items I have to blog of late and I am making sure I get through them all so you don't miss out on anything.  There are so many great events on at the moment and, lucky for us, there are plenty of furniture and home-related items.  Here are a few...

Pommels and Signs:  Consignment. &floorplan. - framed posters - aeronautique, football and wrestler + stadium sign and pommels - ink and coffee (Uber)

Lamp:  by Chiana Oh - Hanging Hanky Light - Batik 3 - Blue (The Challenge)
Bench:  %Percent - Jacobean Bench ( Mieville Ren Faire 15)
Bag:   22769 ~ [bauwerk] Travel Bag (The Challenge)
Chair, Table and Accessories:  22769 ~ [bauwerk] Paris Coffee Set - white (Love To Decorate  - The Event)
Seat:  Fiasco - Smoosh Lounger Chocolate & Vanilla (The Challenge)
Shelf, Sign and Bear Seat:  [shutter field] - bear shelf with flowers and nerd bear set (New Releases)
Bed:  Trompe Loeil - Nesting Bed Burlap (The Arcade)
Shack and Furniture: shutter field - Ladder Shack - Rustic (On9 Preview), upcycled bed - v1 - beach, bean bag - canvas, pallet cushion seat - canvas (New Releases)

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