I am so tough.  "How tough are you? I hear you say.  Well I am so tough that I go to the beach on a cold day with a coat and no shirt.  Dunno if even Chuck Norris would be stupid enough to do that.  Ok, he wouldn't.  No way he is as dumb as me.

Wait...did I just insult myself?  *SHRUG*

Pants:  Ascend - Harajuku Swag Pants PINSTRIPES CHARCOAL (Men Only Monthly)
Coat:  ** DIRAM ** SERGIO Coat - Grey (MOM)
Sneakers:  Praxis - Piper Sneaks (#53 The Dirty Turkey Hun)

Tattoo:  **UrbanStreet**- RevengeTattoo-Dark (#85 TDTH)
Beanie:  !NFINITY - Knitted Beanie (#14 TDTH)

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