Warmer Wear


I am excited.  It is that time in SL when suddenly pumpkins and black cats give way to snow flurries and pine trees.  Yes.  Winter is coming.

With SL winter comes the joy of a variety of wintery events and one of these is The Thrift Shop.  It's opening draws nigh...

And On9 starts on the 9th so get your wallet ready!

NOTE:  LMs won't be up til the events start.

Sweater:  {MYNX} - Sweater Wrap - (M) Blue (TTS)
Pants:  MANIK QUEEN - Cool Cords - Creme (TTS)
Sneakers:  MANIK QUEEN - Pearl Kicks - Creme (TTS)

Hair:  NO.MATCH - NO.WHY ? A (On9)
Poses:  POSEL ~ Model Posepack 4  (TTS)

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