Looks Like Rain


Before I begin, Arya has asked me to pass on some info for you.  Her internet is playing up and she is working on, what seems like, dial-up speed at the moment which is making it quite tricky to get posts done.  She is working on getting it sorted but please know she is frustrated with it all and may resort to violence soon.  Figures.

In the meantime I have taken over the blog and intend to rule the world!!  Cough.  Moving on.

The stuffs for you today are from Men Only Monthly and I have so much to show you and so little time.  Actually I have all the time in the world so let's get to it.

Umbrellas:  [nefarious.inventions] - Raining.Lead
Jeans:  OUTLIER.// Slim 401s Denim 4
Boots:  V-Spot - Buckled Up Boots BROWN

Glasses:  [Z O O M] - Royal Malcon Glasses
Hair:  [bade] - Lewis
Jacket:  {COLD-ASH} - Mens MESH NORTHFIELD Jacket

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