Lost in the Woods


Today is a bit of fashion blended with a bit of home and garden.  I think it works and, although I am dressed totally inappropriately for the cold weather, I will be fine cos I have a warm bed and a fire (if I can find some wood to get it started) and there is even a phone booth for phoning home.

Cabin:  - Kalopsia - The Lost Cabin (Wayward Winter Market)
Flag:  [Consignment.] - Boneyard Flag - America (Fifty Linden Friday - starts 12am SLT)
Fire:  Ex Machina - Vulcano X - Orange (WWM)
Chair:  22769 ~ [bauwerk] Navy Chair Dark Grey (Recent Release)
Fence:  {Roawenwood} - Wintervale Full Fence Piece (WWM)
Phonebox:  DIGS - Telephone Box Decor (Past 50L Friday - just wanted to show it!)

Bed:  [shutter field] - boho bed - rustic (Tres Chic)
Outfit, Jewellery, Glasses and Shoes:  SLX Outfit Shop - Mouse (New Release)
Hat/Hair:  MINA Hair - Luca (WWM)

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