SL is CRAZY at the moment.  I feel like I am running from place to place like the white rabbit with not enough time to do anything!  This week my BOSL article and photos are due, Home & Garden Expo starts, On9 has started and The Thrift Shop 12.0 is into the first week.


I would like to say though...

1.  BOSL scene, photos and article - CHECK
2.  Home & Garden Expo items unpacked, sorted and ready to blog - CHECK
3.  On9 posts underway - CHECK
4.  Thrift Shop posts underway - CHECK

Chocolate fish for Arya!

All the items, bar the hair, are from The Thrift Shop 12.0.  Hope you have been over to check it all out.

Jeans:  MOoH! - Skinny Jeans
Poses:  Juxtapose - Torn Up Heart - Valentines Special
Sneakers:  {The Style Guy} - Grey Broken Heart Chucks

Top:  Anachron - Digital City Top - Binary
Hair:  [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Jin (Hairology)

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