Have some more goodies from the RFL Home and Garden Expo/  I am trying to put items together from round and about, so today's items are from a variety of sims at the Expo.

I also snuck in some items from another event.  Is like Where's Wally? but different.

These photos are taken inside Granelda from Glas Houses (Hope 7)

Cosmos - Miniature Pink Clematis Plant in Round Planter (Expo 9)
Cleo Design - pallet sofa, pallet table, roses, roses 1 (Expo 9)
*Shabby Tabby* - Spring Love Pouf 3, Spring Love Pouf 4 (Expo 8)
unKindness - Whimsy Trinkets Heart Boxes, Whimsy Trinkets Hydrangeas Pitcher (Whimsical Event)
by Chiana Oh - [Punny Animals Art] - Easily Amoosed, Friend Sheep, Significant Otter (Expo 8)

[Daydreamers] - Adult Pallet Sofa (Hope 7)
Hearth & Home - Peace, Hope & Love Boho Pillow Pile w/animations (Expo 4)
=Mirage= Potted Palm 8  (Expo 7)
*Shabby Tabby* - Spring Love Pouf 2 (Expo 8)
by Chiana Oh - [Punny Animals Art] Cat to be Kitten (Expo 8)

Cosmos - Miniature Blossom Tree & Porcelain Swans on Low Table 1 (Expo 9)
*Shabby Tabby* - Paper Flowers (Expo 8)
Hearth & Home - Peach Home & Love Pillow Bed (Expo 4)
=Mirage= - Accent Table - Blues (Expo 7)
by Chiana Oh - Jug of Daffies [Pink] (Expo 8)

Hearth & Home - Sunset Cay Set (Expo 4)

Serendipity Designs - Cabarita - Rattan Bed, Rattan Nightstand, Lamps, Rug, Bench.  Woodland - Outsized Clock, Draperies (Expo 7)

Serendipity Designs - Cabarita Mirrored Rattan Dresser, Tropical Botanical Prints, Cabarita Couples Chair  (Expo 7)

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