Which Side of the Tracks?


I am back on track and ready to pump out some good stuffs for you today.  I have a few items from round and about and am pleased to report there are more events for the guys ahead with the Men Only Hunt 7 starting soon.

In the meantime I have items from the current round of MOM and from The Thrift Shop 12.0 and the Jack and Jill Hunt.  Booyakah!

Jacket:  :::Breath::: - jersey&shirt (MOM)
Jeans:  Legal Insanity - Luke blue jeans with bullets (MOM)
Shoes:  {The Style Guy} - Jumpman (#28 JoJ Hunt)

Hat and Hair:  RAW HOUSE :: Goon (#9 JoJ Hunt)
Eyes:  !Chop Shop! - Lae Blue (TS 12.0)

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