No Lacking in Lilac


I love purple and lavender and lilac and all the hues in between but, sadly, it is not a colour I can wear in RL.  Again SL saves me and I can wear whatever colour I darn well like.  With that in mind I am wearing a purple combo today and I am loving it.

The top and pants are from NoName, but they don't come together.  They just look great together!  The top is called Page and is a great item to have in your inventory to use with jeans or skirts or whatever.

The Kim Baggy Pants cool too and you can have the underwear showing or not, depending on your mood.  I am wearing the underpants because "If you have to wax, don't wear the slacks!" is my motto.  Without would be a tad low for me.

The Glamistry Trillium Heels I picked up at last week's Fifty Linden Friday round and they even came with a hud so I could change the colour to match my outfit.  For 50L THAT is a bargain, my friends.  On that note please stand by for a week rant...

Fifty Linden Friday is a great event.  The designers do NOT have to be involved.  They choose to be.  They are offering you quality items at a fraction of the price they are worth.  So...

NOTE:  I am in no way associated with the 50L Friday Group or with the owners.  This is just my personal view.

Sometime in the 50L Friday Group chat I see people whining and moaning when a designer is a tad late getting their items out or they don't put out an item that suits them.  To those people I want to say:

  • Remember we are all in different time zones and getting something an hour or two late will not kill you.  
  • Also remember that designers put out items and not all of them will be a flavour that everyone likes.  Some weeks I find an item or two I like and some weeks I don't buy anything.  Variety is the spice of life!
Ok, I am done.  Just sayin'.

This fab new hair from Damselfly is hot of the press and is for the upcoming round of faMESHed.  It is called Laurita and I think it is SMEXY hot.  FaMESHed starts on the 1st of April so calm ya farm!

The cutsie Hippie Car Handbag bag is from #187# and you can grab this, or one like it, from the gacha at their mainstore.  Good luck.

And lastly, but by no means least, these sexy poses are from PrincessMode and are aptly named Sinful.  They are a new release so grab em while they are HAWT.

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