Under the Desert Sun


Whole pile of items for the desert today.  Was fun setting this up all Arabian Nights like.  Have probably mixed a few countries in the blend but that is the fun of it.  Mexico meets Arabia meets Nevada.  Who knows?

Desert Build Items:  22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Mesa 1-4, Desert Cave and Rocks (The Challenge)
Mirage Treasure Co. - Croton Plant - Mosaic Set, African Spice Chaise, Outdoor Lounge, Giraffe - Deco,  Accent Chair - African Spice, Potted Palm 8, Moroccan Metal Side Table - Steel,  Round Mosaic Candle - 2Greens, Sultan's Seat, Modern Fireplace - Spice, Djembe Side Table (RFL H&G Expo - Hope 7)

House:  ~*Souzou.Eien.*~ Mini Adobe House (The Challenge)
Cactus:  % - Photo Cactus *MESH* (The Challenge)

Table:  by Chiana Oh - Moroccan Accent Table [Desert] (The Challenge)
Plant:  =Mirage= Potted Palm 8 (RFL H&G Expo - Hope 7)
Lounger:  Trompe Loeil - Mischa Lounger Natural PG (Uber)
Rug:  Thistle - Rug Oriental White / Beige (RFL H&G Expo - Hope 2)

House:  [ht:home] desert adobe (The Challenge)

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