By the Fountain


I took time out of getting my BOSL article ready to throw on some delicious clothing, do my hair and put on some makeup so that you can see what you can be out shopping for at the moment.  There is SO much on that we are spoiled for choice.  I also got sneaky and managed to get fashion and home and garden in the same photos.  Time is not wasted!

Pose:  .mien. - mara (The Thift Shop 13.0)
Dress:  Valentina E. Sail Away Dress - Navy (On9)
Shoes:  LAVIAN - AW1516 - Essentials Lilly Heels (On9)
Hair:  .:EMO-tions:.- * THEA * (On9)
Lipstick:  LIVIA::Silk Lipstick - Blush (TTS 13.0)

Fountain:  Atelier.Visconti. - Fountain Nympha (The Liaison Collaborative)

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