Over the next few days I am going to be showing you some great home and garden items.  I was thinking of putting them together in one, but I think they all deserve individual focus.  Today's item is Rodeo Collection Store C from MESHWORX.  This is available in the new BuyNowSL event which just lets your fingers do the walking as the whole event takes place on Marketplace.  No crowds, no lag and the items are delivered straight to you.  EASY!

This store is 35 prims and has three floors.  I decided to set it up as a gallery so let you see what it would look like as an actual store.

So, if you are looking for a new store or just want to class up your sim then this is a perfect build for you.

 This gives you the view inside from the front door.  The lighting is soft and set into wooden domino-looking lighting boxes.  I also love the window display boxes, perfect for setting up new items or showing off featured items.

You can go and have a look at this store inworld at the MESHWORX main store to see how great it is.  My photos will never do it justice.
MESHWORX Rodeo Store C, is the second build in many to be released in the new Rodeo Collection series. This quaint building is truly perfect as a storefront or addition to your shopping district.

Special note:
►Highly modifiable
►The side walls can be removed to easily join additional stores in the Rodeo Collection series, or your own store, or joint two or more together.
► All shelves are linked, but can be moved or unlinked and copied independently for additional shelving.
►We have provided 2 extra floor/ceilings that are linked and can be unlinked and stairs installed (Stairs not included)
►Door open/close and door stay open script with permissions: Owner, Group,All.

[Build Details:]
► Footprint: 16 x16
► Land Impact (Prim Count): 35
► Material ready
► Permission: Copy/Mod Only ~ NO Transfer"

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