Jump Around


I am standing in snow again.  I am loving this sim called Mirage.  I think I like it because it displays the transition from autumn to winter, keeping the reds and oranges of the leaves as the snow starts to form on the ground.  Looks great.

I am also liking the new gears I have on.  I like it even more since it is part of the MENstuff hunt so is FREE!  Here are the LMs and Hints.

Pose:  HelaMiyo :: Poses :: Power (MH)
Outfit:  !BBN! Bravura Boite Noir Sweater Pants Outfit  (MH)
Hair:  *ARGRACE* MINATO - Chocolate
Scarf:  Bravura Boite Noir - Winter Scarf
Shoes:  Kenvie . Adizero Sneaker (Men Only Monthly)

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