Overnight Stay


Arya is all a flutter over her new mesh head and so I have decided to leave home 'til the whirlwind is over.  Ha!  If only she could be more like me.

  1. Demo head
  2. Buy head
  3. Wear head
Simple.  Although, in her defense she has had her current look for a lot longer than me so I will cut her some slack.

Outfit, Shoes and Bag:  !Bravura Boite Noir ! Street Outfit (New Release)
Tattoos:  .Facade. :: Last Dance (Men Only Monthly)

Head:  [AK] Mesh Head Marco BENTO Vers. 1.9
Skin:  7 Deadly Skins - Omega FACE  JURO V2 COTTON (New Release)
Hair:  *Dura-Boy*73-LIGHT A
Eyes:  [GA.EG] Ultimate Eyes

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