Cooking Up a Storm


Today I have made the blogging job hard for myself.  It is because I have mixed a variety of items from different stores together to get these pics and now I have to try and make it simple for you to work out which item goes with which store.  I hope you will find it easy of you spot something you want.

I was rapt when I saw the items I had to blog because I had grabbed some of them from a gacha a few days earlier and then they seemed to work with two sets I was blogging from Serenity Style.

I took the shots inside the new house from Trompe Loeil called Camden Cove which is currently available at Collabor88.  I will show you some outside shots next home and garden post in a couple of days.

In the meantime, let's try and sort these items!  GULP.

To make it a little easier here are the sets and where you can find them:
Serenity Style - Home Sweet Home (The Crossroads)
Serenity Style - Let's to Bake (The Liaison Collaborative)
Ionic - Northern Life Decor Gacha (The Chapter Four)
Glam Affair Home - Tuscany Kitchen Gacha (The Chapter Four)

Serenity Style:  Home Sweet Home Set - Bench RARE,  Chest,
Glam Affair Home:  Homemade Bread, Mushrooms on Chopping Board, Hand and Dish Soap, Salt&Pepper, Vegetables on Chopping Board, Terracotta Pots
ionic:  Country table, Cookware & Loaves,

Serenity Style:  Home Sweet Home Set - Clock,
Serenity Style:  Let's to Bake - Baking Table RARE, Baking Tools, Milk bottle, Saucepan, Sugar, Muffins Plate, Flour Pack, Keep in order boxes, Milkmaid & Eggs RARE
Glam Affair Home - Jars Shelf,
ionic:  Rolling pins  & wooden bowls, Onions & Potatoes shelf, Country Chair

Serenity Style:  Home Sweet Home Set - Glass,  Hanger, Lamp, Box
Glam Affair Home:  Drawers

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