Dirty Boy


Some days I like to dress up and some days I like to just throw on what I find.  We men have a motto when it comes to clothes:  If it is dry it is clean.  It works.

Luckily all the clothes I have on today are dry so therefore they are clean and wearable.  They are also all from Men Only Monthly and those designers are fussy about the clothes they put on display.  Both clean and dry!  Bonus.

Pose:  grafica ~ hutch (Men Only Monthly)
Shirt:  7mad;Ravens - Size 3_ Rags  V2 (MOM)
Shorts:  INVICTUS - Ripped Shorts -JEANS DARK (MOM)
Watch:  The Oak - Post Minimal Chronograph Watch - Black and Silver (MOM)
Boots:  A&D - ODDITY Boots ~Casey (Oddity Group Gift)
Hair:  *Drot*-Tobi (MOM)
Skin:  [7 Deadly Skins] - ODIN B1 Steam (New Release)

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