Geeking Out


Well I am in my blogger happy place.  Check out what I get to blog!  I have always wanted to have a go on one of these and I don't even have to worry about dying a horrible fiery death!  I am not sure they explode when they crash but it is more dramatic that way,  If it did happen there would probably be a burning wheel that rolls out of the flames.

Anyway, crashing aside, this is a pose item from Image Essentials.  It is aptly called Segway and you can find it at the the 2nd Level Event which is a monthly pose spectacular.   Don't rush over there now though cos it doesn't start 'til the 10th.

Tee:  OUTLIER.// Sadderday Fitted Mesh Tee- 001 White (Men Only Monthly)
Jeans:  OUTLIER// Stacked Denim - Lt Blue (MOM)
Glasses:  [Z O O M] Starwood Glasses (MOM)
Shoes:  = REBELLION = "Tracer Kicks" (MOM)

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