Tapas Time


¡Me encanta tapas! I also love this set from Serenity Style!  Although it does make me a bit peckish.  I just see it and have a sudden urge for paella and a cervasa to wash it down.  Nom!

This is a gacha set and is at the Mapdpea International Food Fair.  The food fair Food Fair is an event to raise funds for the Feed a Smile charity that helps impoverished children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya. 50% of the earnings will be donated to Feed the Smile so please go and support this event.

The event runs until the 4th of March which gives you plenty of time to get over and grab some yummy goodies.

The Chiringuito (snack bar) is the rare in this gacha but worth waiting for!

You can see it all set up as seen in the photos here at BOSL Boulevard.

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